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Yes folks, sadly it is true.  The International Olympic Committee is racist. There can be no other explanation for Chicago not getting the 2016 Olympics.  I’m sure Jimmy Carter and all of the Fringe Media, (Formally the MSM,) would agree.  To vote out Chicago in the first round of voting after our Dear Leader took the time to fly to Copenhagen and bless the crowd with his presence is unbelievable.  A slap in the face.  It is like the world community looks at him as a joke. The leader who can’t lead.

Even Michelle made the great sacrifice to fly over there on a tax payer provided private Boeing 757 with her entourage  and put her substantial weight behind the effort.  And even more weight with Oprah tagging along.   Still, the Chicago bid only received 18 votes.

Our Rock Star president seems to have fallen off the stage.  Failure to win the Olympic bid, Failure to keep his promise not to raise taxes,  Failure to get a health care bill through congress before the August break, Failure to vet the people working in the White House, and the list goes on.  Luckily, we can blame all this on racism. The only other choice is to accept that this president is a failure.  That would be bad.  Lets just continue to play the race card.

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  1. John | October 3rd, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    Yay! A new post! Another detail that makes this whole story even more juicy is that cronies of the Bamster owned rights to properties that stood to benefit from Olympic money. At any rate, let Rio have the hassles of hosting the event. Will be interesting to see how they handle it.

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